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Here is a selection of visual design work and philosophy, each page will include direct links to download the PDF version of each project's case study or overview.

Designed a collection of Jordan shoes celebrating the legendary Street Fighter franchise.


Case Study 1


A movie check-in app with the goal of innovating and simplifying the process for underrepresented users. This mobile app platform prototype was built primarily in Figma.

Case Study 2

Profile Creation Flow - College Football

A project in responsive site layout in which the project was a profile creation flow for a popular (hypothetical) video game. Project prototype built in Adobe XD.

Profile creation 2 - Desktop.png

Case Study 3

Design for Social Good - YardSign

A project building an app and responsive site for Social Good. YardSign is a digital take on the community bulletin board that combines gig economy accessibility with volunteer and community outreach opportunities. This project was built primarily in Figma with some elements designed in XD.

YardSign on Desktop and Mobile
Character Select - David_edited.jpg

Resident Evil Outbreak Remake Concept

Personal Game UI Project

A short overview of a personal project of mine, updating Capcom's 2003 Resident Evil Outbreak to match the current franchise presentation fidelity.

Complete Case Studies (PDF)


Case Study 1

Profile Creation Flow (College Football)

Case Study 2


Case Study 3

Musik's "View Lyrics" Feature

Design Rationale Example

Street Fighter X Jordan

Concept Presentation

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