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Design an App for Social Good

YardSign (Case Study 3)

For the third and final project in my UX Design Professional Certification, the idea was to design a platform for social good. This project is YardSign, the modern bulletin board for communities and volunteers.

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Design Process Overview

Bringing the community together

This project in particular is close to my heart in terms of empathy-based design. As an advocate for underrepresented communities and building equity within, I wanted to design an app that allows communities to connect, and that brings the modern approach of gig economies like Uber and Doordash to everyone from volunteers to lawn-mowing, lemonade stand-owning entrepreneurs looking to find their sense of neighborhood.


Best Viewed with "Fit to Screen" (Z) via Desktop.

Project Takeaways


The impact of this project in particular was a more realistic view of how many different user journeys can be possible in an app/web experience. With a better idea of the scale and a chance to practice and refine my design philosophy and routine. Designing for social good is already a core part of my philosophy, and this was excellent practice in that.

What I learned

In the technical sense I learned a variety of best practices in element arrangement and scaling between layouts, and during this project I actually had the fortune of working in both figma and adobe XD as the acquisition of the former was announced, which gave me a real world example of how fast the tools of the trade can change and grow with me.

Case Study 3 - YardSign

The YardSign Case study can be found in PDF format here, thank you for taking the time!

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