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Profile Creation Flow

Case Study 2

For the second project in my UX Design Professional Certification, I was assigned a profile creation flow for a popular video game. In this instance I envisioned a return of College Football sports titles.

Profile Success - Mobile.png

Design Process Overview

For this project, I was simultaneously introduced to the concept of "Responsive Design", and tasked with creating a layout for the different devices that may be involved in the user flow. My approach began with envisioning the user creating this profile in anticipation of playing the title and wanting it to be as minimally intrusive as possible.

Project Takeaways


This project helped me to learn about designing to specific tasks as parts of a whole. Thinking of an entire comprehensive project can be overwhelming versus building from each user flow, for example. This is an instance where the impact is more about the learnings for me as a designer at this point in my career.

What I learned

In addition to learning best practices in animating menus, the focus on responsive web design for this project taught me a lot about how elements and animations can translate to different screen standards and how to discern methods for best accomplishing that task.

Case Study 2

The Case Study covering the entirety of the design can be found with the "Download" button below.

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