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Inspired by two communities I belong to as a fighting game enthusiast and a sneakerhead, this project celebrates the long legacy of the Street Fighter franchise through the lens of another brand that is itself a cultural icon: Jordan.

This collection interprets the main protagonists of each numbered Street Fighter title as the corresponding iconic Jordan release (I-VI). 


Interpreting the design cues of two distinct visions and marrying them into a single product. This product and character design exercise showcases my mastery of creating and facilitating conceptual products within programs like Figma and Adobe XD.

Street Fighter X Jordan I

Street Fighter X Jordan I "Ryu"

Recalling Ryu's original appearance, this Jordan I colorway invokes striking hints of red amongst an interpretation of the character's iconic gi and black belt.

Street Fighter X Jordan II

Street Fighter X Jordan II "Chun-Li"

Modeled after the "strongest woman in the world" herself, details of this shoe, like the yellow accents, bring to life Chun-Li's classic costume for a new arena.

SF3 Alex Concept.png

Street Fighter X Jordan III "Alex"

Street Fighter III and the Jordan III share a lot in their vision, SFIII was titled "New Generation" for it's new features and fresh faces (including protagonist Alex) and the Jordan III similarly marked a new era for the brand, being the first shoe to feature the now infamous "Jumpman" logo. 

SF4 Abel Concept.png

Street Fighter X Jordan IV "Abel"

Street fighter IV marked the main series jump to 3D. Characters like protagonist Abel were presented with an ink-splatter like aesthetic, typically during the game's staple "Focus Attack" mechanic. Translating this to the Jordan IV's laser print from it's 30th anniversary release felt like a natural pairing.

SF5 Rashid Concept.png

Street Fighter X Jordan V "Rashid"

Parts of the Jordan V were inspired by the P-51 fighter plane, which seems like fate when considering the protagonist of Street Fighter V, Rashid, is a high-flyer himself. Inspired by Rashid's love for technology and his striking eyepiece, this colorway adapts a sea green to contrast his original black-and-white look.

SF6 Luke Concept.png

Street fighter X Jordan VI

One of the main features of Street Fighter VI is "World Tour",  a mode in which you create a character mentored by new series protagonist, Luke.  The Jordan VI is no stranger to international travel, being featured prominently in the 2000 Olympic Games, and being featured in many media franchises such as "Slam Dunk", "Seinfeld", and "Batman Returns". This interpretation of the legendary shoe invokes design cues from Luke's original appearance, story costume, and the Capcom Logo. 

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