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"Resident Evil Outbreak Remake" Concept

Resident Evil Outbreak is a copyright of Capcom Co. LTD.

This is a self-led project in which I developed a conceptual mockup of a passion project I've long dreamed of. The goal of this project was to establish and showcase my familiarity with creating and animating menus, elements, and icons within Adobe XD. Below is a video of the interactive prototype, designed by myself from concept to completion, and controlled via an Xbox Series X Controller in real time. Following that is a comparison of the UI elements to the original.

What I Learned

This project occurred early on in my learning journey, in addition to gaining familiarity with UI design concepts for gaming specifically, it also built my proficiency with Adobe XD in addition to Figma, as I built elements in both. With gaming being a strong personal passion of mine, getting a hands-on demonstration of graphic and motion design in this context reinforced my desire to learn and grow in this space professionally.

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